To close or not to close? That is the question.

Currently, i’m trying to decide whether to close down another couple of sites.

The sites in question would be my main site, and the chatnsn site.

That would then leave me with only the site for my radio station, and a couple of sites I host for a friend.

The main reasons for considering them for closure, would be the lack of use that they now get.

They went from about 10-20 users at one point, to barely any nowadays.

Plus it would solve another issue which happened recently that could potentially turn into a serious legal matter for me, which I won’t go into.

I’d keep the domains obviously in case I decided to reopen them (and because my main domain is used for my nameservers).

I’m just not sure. Would anyone miss them if they were gone? At the moment, i’m thinking the answer to that would be no.

Would be a lot less hassle as well.

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