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So at work, we’re told there are ‘exciting changes’ coming to self service, which we will be told about soon.

Effectively, the changes mean that there will more poeple on self service at once, and there will be permanent self service staff.

I currently do self service on saturdays. Today, I was informed by my manager that they didn’t want me on there any more….at all by the sounds of it.

I’m wondering why I bother with this crap company…they make out they care about their employees, but they don’t. They really don’t. As long as we do what they want, they’ll say they care, but they’ll also be looking for the next way to stab you in the back.

I’m certainly not doing them any favours anymore…loyalty obviously means nothing to this piece of shit company.

If anyone is thinking of applying to work there, take it from me…don’t bother…go and work for a company that actually cares about you. Tesco have proved that they don’t.