Look after number one, because no-one else fucking will

I’ve learnt lately, that that saying is more apt than I thought.

Some poeple that know me, will know i’ve been having an utterly shit time over the last few days.

This is due to many factors…mainly work related. Bascially, I made a mistake at work, and got into a bit of trouble over it. Nothing major, but up until today, I thought I was going to lose my Job.

Then I find that certain poeple (no names), have started blanking or ignoring me, including at least one member of my family.

It makes me wonder why I bother sometimes.

I know there are friends that care about me, but i’ve come to learn that there are also some that just use me for their own benefit.

I think i’m going to have to start putting myself first…even if that means alienating poeple around me…mainly for my own health and sanity more than anything else.

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