How i’m feeling

I wasn’t sure whether to write this, but I feel that I need to at this point.

A few poeple that know me, will know that i’m involved with a site that me and a friend set up. This site is called Hydra Web Services.

Basically, there have been things that have happened recently that have possibly affected good friendships between myself and 2 other poeple. These poeple know who they are (or at least one them does….and I know you’ll likely read this, as I can see you’re logged in at the moment).

These things include lying to each other, and generally not being honest with each other. I honestly hate and regret that this has happened.

For obvious reasons, we are now looking into the possibility of closing down the site and business. I’m currently waiting to hear back from someone, then once that happens, me and the owner will make a decision as to whether we close the site.

Myself and the owner of Hydra have said all along that if it ever got to the point where the site was affecting friendships, that we would close.

I normally wouldn’t have posted this on here, but unless I get my current feelings down somewhere, I feel like i’m going to snap at poeple, and likely not in a good way.

And for the person that I know is likely to see this first, as I said, i’ll let you know once I hear back from the other person, or if I don’t.

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