I feel guilty

This has now been sorted privately, but i’m going to write it anyway, mainly so poeple can see that yes, i’m human, and yes, I occasionally make mistakes. For obvious reasons, i’m not going to mention any names.

Whether me feeling guilty is justified or not I don’t know. Over the past few weeks, I haven’t treated a good friend very well, regarding speaking to them regularly. This is someone i’ve never met in real life, but nevertheless, they have proved themselves to be a very good friend several times now.

I know you will likely see this, and I also know you will say I don’t need to say it, but, i’m going to anyway:

I’m sorry for ever making you think that I didn’t consider you a friend. You most certainly are a good friend to me, as you’ve proved time and time again.

Yes…I was busy, but that isn’t really an excuse. As we’ve said, we can always just shoot each other a message to let us know how we are etc.

As I said to you: You ARE a very good friend to me, and ALWAYS will be.

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