Getting fed up

This is work related, like the majority of my posts nowadays. Lately there have been things going on at work, 2 of which were bad.

It appears there’s loads of backstabbing going on, seemingly directed at me by poeple that I thought I could consider friends. I don’t know who it is, but I know who it isn’t, if that makes sense.

It also seems that certain poeple get away with doing as little as possible, and i’m expected to pick up the fucking slack and do things that they don’t bother doing. Honestly makes me wonder if I can trust anyone at work any more.

I did think about taking the route of ‘fuck everyone else’, and just looking after myself from now on, but I don’t know if I could do that. That’s not me.

There was also an issue today with one of the team leaders, who was someone I thought was alright, and we could have a bit of a laugh with, but after today, I honestly don’t know if I ever want to speak to them again.

Unfortunately, i’ll have to speak to her at some point (it’s unavoidable), but I do feel like putting in a complaint against them after today.

I’ve been told by at least one person, that this sort of stuff is normal, and i’m going to have good days, and bad days, but at the moment, it seems the bad days outweigh the good.

Maybe it’ll get better at some point…on the other hand, if I disappear, with an article about a supermarket employee going off the rails and maybe telling poeple to fuck themselves before wrecking the place, at least this post will clue some poeple into what happened, and why.

Christmas is coming soon…which in retail, is ALWAYS horribly stressful. I’ll get through it, I normally do, although I wonder if it’ll be the year I finally snap and tell poeple what I think of them.

Maybe I should.

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