Keeping myself to myself part II

Bascially, there have been issues with a certain team leader, and the way she speaks to me, and other poeple, and there have also been issues with a person that apparantly has an issue with me doing the same things he does.

I told this other person in confidence. I thought it was someone I could trust. They had to see our manager yesterday about the way this same team leader speaks to them…they ended up having to apologise to the team leader (for making her feel bad…are we at fucking school or at work?), which is a complete fucking joke in itself.

When they come back, I find out from them that they’ve told our manager that i’m pissed off about things. I know they didn’t say what I was pissed off about, but our manager now knows that there’s an issue, and I’m awaiting the possible fallout from that.

My colleagues used to say I was quiet when I first started, and as one team leader put it ‘wouldn’t say boo to a goose’.

I think I really am going to have to start keeping my mouth shut about anything now. And this means to ANYONE.

So if I go quiet at work, yes….there’s most likely a reason…but no…I will no longer tell ANYONE the reason.

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