I made it. Just

I’ve spoken a lot about how i’ve been feeling at work the last few months, and suffice to say, the last year hasn’t been great work wise.

Starting with me accidently taking forged money as payment, which had me worried i’d lose my job over it, despite being reassured by my manager that I wouldn’t.

There’s been a lot of back stabbing from poeple that I thought I could trust, and were friends. I’ve sorted out my issues with one of them. The others….I really couldn’t care less any more.

I’m there to work, and make money…not friends.

Yesterday culminated in me feeling like I was going to pass out (likely from stress and how busy it was). I didn’t, but that probably shows how bad things have got.

In my personal life, I lost another good friend earlier in the year. That wasn’t easy, and nor was his funeral. That’s two in two years now.

I hope this next year will be a bit better. To be honest, I doubt it will at the moment, but I can only hope.

To all my friends, both online, and off, whether they read this or not. Have a good Christmas, and new year.

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