Getting fed up

If someone was to ask me how work was going at the moment, my answer would honestly be: I hate it.


Mainly the way i’m treated there nowadays. Like a piece of dirt scraped off the bottom of someone’s shoe…at least that’s the way it feels. I’ve been told that i’m valued, and trusted…but it doesn’t feel that way to me anymore.

It seems that other poeple get away with doing practically nothing, and yet if I do the same as them, which is more or less standing around doing fuck all, I get into trouble. And if I ask for help when it’s busy? I get ignored.

In the last week, my manager had to have a word with me as she’d seen me apparantly standing there ‘ignoring lights’ on self service. I told her I wasn’t ignoring them…if it’s an amber light, it means the customer will need help, but doesn’t need it right away. That’s the way I was taught, but apparantly, that’s now wrong. Yet if I detagged something, and the customer walked off without paying for it, who gets the blame? That’s right….me.

I can count the number of my co-workers that I still talk to on just one hand nowadays. I don’t trust a lot of poeple there anymore….they’ll happily throw me under the bus to save themselves.

I came very, very close to having a breakdown at work last month. I think it’ll actually happen this year, and most likely in the next few months.

Oh well….i’ll probably be told i’m overreacting anyway. So fuck it.

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