Here we fucking go again.

Why do I bother? That’s what i’m wondering now.

Recently had a falling out with dad….over something stupid, but we’re now not talking at all. Not want I wanted to happen, but it has.

Then there’s crap again at work. Bascially me doing something (i’m not saying what), that very nearly cost me a friendship. Sorted now, but even so…I keep doing this.

I’ve tried keeping myself to myself…that doesn’t work. I’ve tried voicing my opinions, and the way I feel….that doesn’t work either…it just results in poeple hating me.

At the moment, I feel like walking away, and never coming back. I feel like deleting all my sites, all my backups, my facebook account, and just disappearing for good. I won’t do it (that would cause me yet more problems), but I honestly feel that way at the moment.

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