An explanation

This is directed at a certain person (whom will not be named for reasons that will become apparant). Whether they read it or not. This will be the final post regarding this matter, then i’ll move on.

Regarding my last post, i’ll say this. I do have regrets. Regrets that our friendship ended the way it did.

You no doubt know that I read your post about it. I get it….you hate me now. However, I was getting fed up being constantly attacked by you. It seemed to constantly happen regarding decisions that I made with my sites. It was only a matter of time before I snapped.

As you said in a previous post, it was only a matter of time before we fell out permanently. It wasn’t entirely my fault though, as you’ve tried to make out. You have to take some of the blame for this. As do I.

You also mentioned that you never want to hear from me again. That’s fine, i’ll respect that, and will not have any contact with you at all.

One thing you should know: Due to the manner in which you wrote the post, and effectively badmouthed me to other poeple, you are permanently banned from my chat network (although I already know you’ll never come on there again).

I do hope that you have a good remainder of your life (however long you’ve got left…I know about your health problems after all…and don’t worry…I won’t go blabbing to other poeple about them…despite what you might think of me now).

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