On hold

By that i’m referring to any sites that I run. Because despite me not wanting them to, things that have happened recently, have apparantly made poeple think differently about me.

One person, i’m well aware of why they don’t like me anymore, and as i’ve said in a previous post, i’m not worried about that any more. You’ve made it perfectly clear what you think of me, and I honestly don’t care anymore.

However, there is another person who’s friendship with me, I think has been affected by things that i’ve said or done recently. While i’m not revealing who it is, I did not want this to happen. I may be wrong about what i’m thinking, but it doesn’t appear that I am at the moment.

To this second person, I know i’ve apologized via e-mail for things that have happened in the past, but now i’m doing it publically. I’m sorry for ever doubting anything that you said.

To be honest, i’m seriously starting to think my mental health has been affected by this, as I don’t normally dwell on things like this, but lately I am.

There are also other things that have happened, that have wrecked relationships between me and other poeple, to the point where i’m now seriously considering walking away from everything and never coming back. In the latest climate (yes….I am referring to this virus that’s going around, in case you’re wondering), that would likely result in my death. Which isn’t what I want…but it might be unavoidable. It might also please some poeple.

I hope i’m wrong, but I don’t think I am.

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