Disciplinary result

Yes…I ended up having a disciplinary due to my previous (now deleted) post.

Fortunately, I got a manager who is known to be fair and who will listen to any concerns. He fortunately agreed that I did have valid concerns. However, I went about attempting to resolve them in the wrong way, which i’ve held my hands up to. I should have spoken to someone about it.

I originally thought, before going into the meeting, that I would lose my job over it. Fortunately, i’ve ended up with a warning. I wouldn’t say i’m happy with this, but i’m a lot happier than if i’d lost my job, which is what I thought would happen.

One thing I will be doing in future, is obviously not airing any feelings about my job in a place where they are visible to my employer. I don’t know whether they know about my personal page on facebook, but I imagine they do not. However, that obviously doesn’t mean i’m going to go and do the same thing again. I’ve learnt from my mistake.

I’m just glad this is over and done with, and that i’ve still got my job.

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