The last week.

Some poeple know what’s been going on during the last week via looking at my facebook account, others may not. So this post will fill you in.

I’ve had problems with my teeth for ages (at least a year and a half). This is my own fault, due to what I was eating, and also not bothering to go the dentist regularly, as I should have been.

This resulted in an Abcess. However, stupidly, I ignored the pain and discomfort, just taking pain killers every so often to deal with it.

On monday, when my dad picked me up from work, he insisted on taking me straight to the hospital (Eastbourne DGH). I tried to refuse, but in all honesty, I was in no fit state to do so. By then, unknown to me, the infection had spread from my tooth to my whole lower jaw.

They kept me in overnight, and transferred me to another hospital (Queen Victoria East Grinstead) early the next morning.

I underwent an operation to remove 8 (yes…8) teeth, and drain the infection from my lower jaw. I didn’t think about it at the time, but thinking back, chances are, if I didn’t have that done (my dad thinks this as well), i would have been dead now. They literally saved my life. I’m glad to say I left hospital yesterday, and am now back at home recovering.

I don’t usually go for the sentimental stuff, but right now I am. I want to say a massive massive thankyou to the NHS for EVERYTHING they did for me, and especially ALL the staff at Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead. The care they provided could not have been better.

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