Fuck you!!!

Guess what? I’m pissed off big time. Why?

Well….currently on sundays at work, i’m the idiot that collects the trollies in the car park. Just while the usual person is on ramadan. I’ve got no problem with religious reasons, but today took the complete piss for other reasons.

I had customers expecting me to unlock trollies for them, I had customers then not putting those same trollies back in the bays.

Then….the ultimate pisstake. A so called team leader (no names), came out to ‘help’ me in the afternoon along with 2 other staff. They were out there for probably about an hour. This was after my lunchbreak…no-one did anything while I was at lunch…as per usual.

They then went for a break round the side of the store. I went and joined them (I had been out there all day with no help up til then…the team leader started in the afternoon). They immediately asked me to do a basket run (collecting up the baskets in the store). Really? Shortly after me doing that, they all went back inside. So what the fucking hell happened to fucking helping me? I spend all day out there and get probably about an hours help in the afternoon. When I try and have a short break, they effectively tell me to get back to work.

Again…..FUCK YOU!!!!

I’m done with any fucking loyalty I once had to the company. You try your hardest, and you still get screwed in the end.

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