A partial response, and other things.

This will likely be a short post. Maybe because there’s only a few things I want to write about at the moment.

1) Firstly, a reaction to a former friend’s post on their site.

You mentioned that you were being used by poeple. And you specifically mentioned the UK. You and I both know full well that was aimed directly at me. There are things i’ve wanted to write about you for a while, but i’ve held back, mainly because I did still respect you…..not any more.

I lent you money, I gave you copies of things that I paid for. Hell….I even had my invisionboard licence suspended because of YOU.

I now see what you’re really like. As long as you’re getting your own way, that’s fine. It’s when poeple don’t do exactly what you want, that it becomes a problem. I can’t believe I didn’t realize it til now.

I cannot care less about what you think of me anymore. I know the truth, and my own friends know it as well.

2) In other news, i’ve recently had some more stability issues with the server, but now appear to have these resolved.

One of the issues seemed to be caused by e-mail. I’m not sure how, but I now have it resolved by moving my e-mail over to office 365. Yes….it costs me a little extra per month, but it’s nothing I can’t afford

3) Before I forget, a few days ago, we were made aware of a fire at one of ovh’s datacentres. While our main server is hosted by them, it fortunately is in a different datacentre to the one that went up in flames. Our service was not affected in any way.

4) The Sound Of Trance is back. We have sorted the stability issues by moving additional workload off of the main server, and the streams now appear to be completely stable.

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