Amazon – WTF???

*Order arrived today (2nd of March), and will be collected from the post office tommorow*

I’ve had a graphics card on order since the 19th of February. I’m paying for this in installments via my bank.

Ever since i’ve ordered it, there has been no movement with regards to shipping.

It originally said arriving by sunday just gone (26th).

There was then a notification about a delay. Ok…that’s fine. I understand that delays happen.

However, the new date was either yesterday (28th of feb) or today (1st of march).

Yesterday, I contacted Amazon regarding it via live chat. I was told by the associate that the delay was due to payment not having confirmed by barclays.

I thought ‘ok….i’ll contact barclays about it’. I phoned them and was told that there were no issues with payment, and the only issue was with amazon.

I went back on live chat, and got a different associate. I explained the issue, and they confirmed that the issue was nothing to do with payment, and was purely due to amazon being sure they could fulfil the order. I was then told that I should recieve it by friday at the latest.

So my question is: Why did the first associate lie to me, and say the issue was to do with payment, when it clearly wasn’t?

It’s now shaken my trust in Amazon, and is making me reluctant to use them again after this.

In addition, i’ve also recieved an e-mail from the first associate, regarding shipping, as if i’m the seller, when it’s amazon that are the seller.

Right now, I’m not even sure i’ll recieve the order at all, and the first payment will be taken tommorow (today, at the time of writing this). If that does happen, and I don’t at least get notification that the order has shipped, then the CEO will be recieving a complaint from me.

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