Here we go again:-(

I deleted the previous post, as it was perhaps a bit harsh.

However, I am now going to write another one. I’m tempted to name the person concerned, but i don’t think I will. If the individual reads this, it should be pretty obvious it’s about them.

You’re the one person I didn’t expect to cut ties with me. We’ve known each other long enough that I would hope you would know when I was messing around, which I was on this occasion. The only reason I changed your nick on messenger to that was to try and get you to stop posting the image you were posting. I had no intention of actually blocking you. It seems you believed that though.

I do regret that you’ve now cut all ties with me.

However, this whole thing has now made me think ‘why should I trust anyone that i’m ‘friends’ with?’

I thought that before regarding certain poeple, but now this has just reinforced it. I now think the best thing to do is simply not fully trust anyone. That way, when poeple screw me over, I won’t be surprised.

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